Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daily Chore Lists

I have been trying to find a daily cleaning list for the kids and I that works. I think I have finally perfected one that we can all accomplish everyday.

1. Make our bed
2. Clorox wipe and sweep bathroom. Empty trash.
3. Pick up living room throughout the day and sweep in the morning.
4. Pick up dining/school room throughout day and sweep after every meal.
5. Wash dishes after every meal and wipe counters. Take out trash.
6. Spray light switches and door knobs with lysol. (I lean on the obsessive side of germs :)

Morning - Make beds, get dressed, brush teeth
Afternoon - Clean up rooms and school supplies
Evening - Clean up rooms, baths, and lay out clothes for tomorrow

Meal Chores - K clear off plates and wipe off table, N clear off trash, E clear off cups and T clean off silverware

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